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ATI Telemanagement, established in 1980, is an independent telecommunication and information technology consulting firm based in Newbury, Massachusetts.

Our mission is to assist clients with solving practical problems and making better decisions for the management and planning of telecommunications and information technology solutions with emphasis on producing results for the present and future. Our services help clients improve overall performance, and reduce operating costs.



The Process

Upon receiving a request, we will determine the exact nature of your expert needs.

In a cell phone related case we will typically do the following:

Cell phone case expert support
Here's what I would do and probably more:

Prior to or without trial

  • I would first read the charges and/or GJ minutes to understand the nature of the case. I think its important for me to “get my  head” into the case in order to  be most effective.
  • Receive Cell Records in hand--determine if they are what we need.
  • Contact cell carriers. Obtain cell site lists for the time period during the incident and legends.
  • I would discuss cell phone technology and bring you up to date about how it all works and whether we might



Since 1980, ATI has provided their consulting/expert services to numerous clients from the Federal courts, Cities, Towns and Counties, Non-profit clients, Publishing, Communications and Information Services Clients.


Please view our extensive listings of past clients to understand the comprehensive services that ATI Telexpert can provide.